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Nomal Verison:Template Path in 'C:\Users\{you user name}\AppData\Roaming\LBSoft\Airship'

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How to Use:

*beta 6.2
better UI
*beta 6.1.1
update selfcheck:Url change to Https
*beta 6.1
support custom item (introduce size)
*Update to beta 6
Pack mod item in to Category
*beta 5.5
Fix Error in Template Manager Update Template
*beta 5.4
Smart Error Tips + Fix Bug x2
*beta 5.3
Fix Bug in delete(upgrade) Template/Image
*beta 5.1 *beta 5.2
Clean Debug Message from Image
*beta 5
Now Support Custom Appearance
*beta 4.1
Turn On/Off Template Version Chack
*Update to beta 4
Multi-Language Support
*beta 3.3
Compatible multiple mod coexist
*beta 3.2
fix can not open Custom Stuff savefile
*beta 3.1
fix update/remove (logo.png) error
*beta 3.1
fix update/remove (logo.png) error
*Update to beta 3
Now You can Add Custom Stuff for Item.
like add 'ammo' for guns if you want the gun to also double as an ammo bunker
beta 2.6
Template Verison support
beta 2.5
Update is more Smart
beta 2.4 fix bug
compatible old save file (2.2-)
beta 2.3 fix bug
'Armous' type do not have introduce
beta 2.2 fix bug
Add/Install Mod is no working (at Template Manager)
beta 2.1 fix bug
display bug when editor item.
what update at beta 2
Now User can more easy to control Template.(Template Manager)