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Current Folder is \AirShipModMaker\Obsolete\
序号 名称 修改日期 类型 大小
3AirShipModMaker.zip2018/12/28 21:38:50ZIPFile2623.2kb
4AirShipModMaker_SafeMode.zip2018/12/26 18:49:32ZIPFile2623.2kb
5ReadMe.txt2019/1/20 17:54:40TXTFile0.4kb
6Template base part.zip2018/12/14 15:23:38ZIPFile300.3kb
7Template Part 2 Armous.zip2018/10/31 20:40:33ZIPFile593.5kb
8Template Part 3 Structural.zip2018/12/9 2:37:43ZIPFile205.3kb


This is AirshipMod Maker Beta 4.1
The Last verison support Safe Verison.

Safe Verison
Template Path in sofeware SamePath, Do not need user path authority
(disadvantage: Can not Export Mod to the AirShipGame Mod path, you need to copy to the Mod path yourself(software will prompt where is the Mod Path))